What is Rendering

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We are a leader in the rendering industry, operating several of the largest, cleanest and most technologically advanced rendering plants in North America.

What is Rendering   Rendering is Recycling   Rendering is Sustainability

We are:
  Global producers of superior quality protein meals, fats and oils.
  Federally inspected plants with permits issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  Quality assured employing a HACCP program.
  Separate ruminant and non-ruminant facilities.
  Working in harmony with nature, recycling animal by-products.
What we do:
  Recycle inedible animal by-products from the meat, poultry and fish processing industries.  
  Provide an essential service which protects our environment.  
  Work with all levels of government and community to ensure our practices are safe.  
  Provide necessary products such as protein meals, fats and oils used in the world’s feed, oleo-chemical and soap industries.  



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Rendering - The Sustainable Solution
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